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5,000 Mokowe Set to Get Titles Deeds

The Lamu county government has finalized plans to issue 5,000 residents of the mainland Mokowe township with title deeds.


Speaking to KNA  at the county head quarters, Lamu Lands, Roads and Infrastructure County Executive Member Fahima Araphat stated that a survey had already been done for the area and that the title deed issuance will be done transparently.


She said that the title deed issuance is part of a wider plan by the county government to empower Lamu residents to be able to develop their land parcels without fear of losing them.


“Lamu land owners have for a long time been marginalized  by previous administrations which did not ensure land rights were adhered to,” Araphat stated.

She further said that the county government had already ensured that all Mkunumbi residents were in receipt of their 768 acre parcel of land with title deeds already issued.


“Title deeds have been a major issue especially in Mokowe area which is the county headquarters and there have been numerous cases of land invasions by squatters on “perceived” idle land,” the lands CEC said.

The outspoken CEC further shed light on the progress of the tarmacking of the 113 Kilometre Lamu-Witu road which she inspected with officials from the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) and Ministry of Transport and Infrastracture officials.


She said the national government is keen to have the contractor finish tarmacking the road  the road by 2020.


“The agreed timeline was 2020, and it  the onus is on the contractor (H-Young) to deliver the road by that year,” she added.


She said it was imperative to have  the Lamu-Witu Road tarmacked in order to improve security and facilitate  the mushrooming of satellite towns within Lamu County.


The road infrastructure will also make Lamu a favourable investment destination and raise he county’s profile as a port city.


She also said the county government had set aside in its 2018/2019 county roads allocation budget Shs 80 million that will mostly go towards building feeder roads in Mpeketoni.


Lamu Lands and Infrastructure CEC Fahima Araphat has stated that the cunty government will issue out 5,000 title deeds in Mokowe area to curb land grabbing that has been common in the area which is now the new county headquarters. Land invasions have been on the rise especially with increased speculation over land in the area.

By Amenya Ochieng.

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