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Philips launches the new Lumify technology to healthcare 

Lumify gadget and portable ultra sound machine that will ease the work of the clinicians and extend reach in testing pregnant women even in the remotest areas. Photo by KNA.
An expectant mother being scanned using the Lumify ultrasound machine that uses mobile technology and launched by Philips Africa Company on Thursday September 13, 2018 at a Nairobi hotel. Photo by KNA

Philips  Africa have launched Lumify, the first App-Based ultrasound system that will extend the network to healthcare providers across the country.

The App will be able to eliminate preventable maternal and infant deaths using mobile technology by monitoring vital signs, conduct screening and checks on pregnant women.

Speaking when launching the App on Thursday evening in Nairobi, Chief Executive Officer of Philips Africa, Jasper Westerink said that Lumify’s portability and flexibility nature enables clinicians to perform ultrasound examinations across a variety of clinical settings.

“The unique combination of connectivity and simplicity will enable clinicians to examine from cardiology suites down to under resourced semi urban and rural areas,” he said.

Westerink  explained that clinicians as well as family doctors at small outpatient clinics can also be able to run the scan themselves, speeding up the diagnosis process and possible treatments.

It will operate from a compatible smart devise that is connected to a Philips ultrasound transducer and users will have access to an online portal where they can manage their devise to access services.

“Our Lumify ultrasound is designed to drive transformation in care delivery and digital health – a dynamic combination that can extend the reach of ultrasound in a remarkable way,” said Westerink.

He advised women that pre-natal screenings are important to ensure that any complications are detected in advance of labour.

“This means that the mothers-to-be will be able to see high-quality images of their unborn babies on a smartphone, thanks to the mobile app and portable ultrasound,” Westerink added.

He announced that Philips has partnered with the Beyond Zero initiative which in the course of this week hosted a screening camp held at Narok County on Tuesday 11th up to yesterday.

Dr. Anders Barasa, a cardiologist at the Aga Khan University hospital said that in a resource constrained environment, technology such as Lumify can strengthen referrals affording quick diagnosis in emergency departments in major towns and even in remote areas improving patients’ outcome.

By  Rachael Kendi/Viona Joy

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