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Raila Wants Talks to Ease Tax Burden

ODM party leader, Raila Odinga has called on the Government to quickly initiate discussions on how to deal with the debt burden which has forced it to increase taxation on the citizenry.

Raila said the increased taxation by the government had made life unbearable for the many Kenyans.

“We know that the country is hurting. That is why we must have a dialogue on how to handle the rising debt burden that is forcing the government to increase taxes,” said Raila.

Speaking at his Opoda home in Bondo, Raila said the talks must generate other alternatives for the government to raise revenue, other than increasing taxes which punishes the common man in the country.

He said the discussion must be initiated and concluded as quickly as possible to come up with solutions that will make life bearable to the people of Kenya.

Raila exuded confidence that the country’s leadership had the ability to find solutions to the current economic burden.

The former premier said the country needs to heighten the fight against corruption, adding that if corruption can be controlled the government can raise revenue without increasing taxation.

“My view is that we have to slay this animal called corruption. The government can raise revenue for development without having to raise taxes if corruption in the country can be controlled,” Raila said.

He on the other hand offered to give free advice to Finance CS, Dr. Henry Rotich on how the government can raise revenue without adversely affecting the lives of the common people.

“We know we did it during the grand coalition, we know how it can be done. I can give advice for free to Mr. Rotich on how it can be done” He added.

He said that Kenya must move on and be able to meet its development needs, but this can easily be done without making life unbearable for the poor Kenyans.

The National Treasury last week under the leadership of CS Rotich implemented a 16 percent VAT on petroleum products, despite the National assembly’s efforts to postpone it by two years, a move that left many Kenyans groaning under the weight of increased fares and prices of common goods and services.

By Brian Ondeng’


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