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20,000 birth certificates backlog cleared during RRI

Nandi County  managed to clear up to 20,000 birth certificates during the Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) period between July and August.

According to the County Commissioner (CC), Olaka Kutswa, this was a great achievement as the country heads to the second phase of Huduma Namba registration.

Kutswa  added that a further 25,000 new applications were received during the July 1 to August 8 waiver period.

“We received the applications but processing yet to be done due to lack of printing papers at the government printer. Applicants will have to wait for the certificates which will be ready in due course,” said Kutswa.

The  CC pointed that the county has also embarked on the identification cards RRI to mop all cases of unregistered persons.

“The  RRI for IDs kicked off on 28th August and is expected to end on 29th September and in the past few weeks we have so far registered 4,130 persons,” said Kutswa.

The only challenge he said was that the older person fear being registered thus derailing the exercise.

“We are going to profile the persons through the Chiefs and their assistants and convince them on the need of registering for IDs,’’ he added.

Meanwhile, he called upon residents who still have old 1000 currency notes in their custody to deliver them to the nearest banks to be exchanged for the new ones.

“The 30th September deadline still stands and there will be no extension for their use,” he said.

By  Bethsheba  Abuya

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