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A foundation partners with FKF to boost soccer in Murang’a County

A partnership has been signed between a charity foundation and Football Kenya Federation (FKF) to boost soccer in Murang’a County.
The pact by the Irungu Nyakera Foundation and FKF will see local soccer teams get support for five years.
FKF will help to train coaches, referees and players in effort to boost standard of football among local teams.
Through the partnership, a local league has been formed which will draw eight teams one from each Sub-county.
After the first league season, the number of teams will be increased to 20 in the next season.
The foundation that was established by former Planning Principal Secretary, Irungu Nyakera, will cater for the federation fees and sport kits for the teams.
Standard of football in the county had gone down after local teams lacked funds to enable them participate in national leagues.
Nyakera speaking after signing the pact with FKF officials on Saturday in Murang’a said after five years, they will evaluate the achievement of the partnership and see if they will renew it.
“Having a county league will provide opportunity to nurture talented young men who in future may participate in national games,” said Nyakera.
He said the teams will focus on recruiting players aged about 13 years to nurture their talents.
Nyakera added that the Foundation will get a list of all fields that the teams will be using to establish the infrastructural support that it can offer.
His objective, he said, is to see Murang’a players become part of premier leagues, the Kenyan National Super league and even furthering their careers in international teams.
FKF Aberdare branch chairman Davis Chege praised the Foundation’s move saying the partnership will see football in the county get the much needed support.
Murang’a, Chege said has many talented young people who if supported can play in national leagues or even national team.
He said local teams have been struggling to raise FKF fee noting that the foundation will help greatly to increase teams in the league by offering material support.
Nyakera further said the teams will be undertaking social responsibility activities like cleaning of various towns on monthly basis.
By Bernard Munyao

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