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A Murang’a secondary head teacher killed, body dumped in car

Residents of Gathukiini village in Murang’a on Sunday, woke up to a rude shock after they found body of Gatunguru Secondary school head teacher dumped in his car.

Eye witnesses said the deceased’s eyes had been gorged out and his tongue removed by the assailants.

Residents who talked to KNA said they noticed the car of the teacher,Mr. Samuel Mbogo,parked along Murang’a-Kiriaini road.

One of the resident, Judy Njeri recounted how she noticed blood dripping from the car, which was parked about 200 kilometres from the deceased’s home, prompting her to alert other residents.

She said the naked body of the teacher, which had several deep cuts was bundled in the boot of the saloon car.

Njeri said upon opening the door they found the body of Mbogo with deep cuts in his face and head, a move that informed them to go to his house.

“At his home, we found blood stains in his house and shockingly his wife was still asleep, something which was not usual with her as she milks her cows as early as from 5.30am,” she added.

Eight year old daughter of the deceased claimed that she witnessed how her father was beaten by two men in presence of her mother.

Residents claimed that the couple has been having turbulent marriage for a long time, suspecting the wife could be behind the murder.

Police officers who arrived at the home of the deceased were forced to use teargas to disperse an irate crowd, which was baying for the blood of the wife, accusing her of killing her husband.

The area Chief, Stephen Komu said the deceased has lived a rocky life with his wife, Alice Wachare, claiming that a few months ago the wife had injured his husband in the head.

“The marriage between the two has been horrible about three months ago, the teacher was cut in his head where his wife was also involved, we believe she has information that will be used to establish the truth,” the chief said adding that she has been taken for interrogation.

He noted that the car got stuck in the mud just before reaching the tarmack road, a move that may have informed the assailants to flee leaving behind the car and his body.

Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut), officials visited the scene and condemned the incident,saying teachers are now scared for their lives.

Muranga County branch secretary Rosaline Kamina said this is the second incident happening in a similar way after the death of Kiiru Boys Principal Solomon Mwangi.

His wife Jane Mbuthi was arrested alongside three men and charged with murder at Murang’a Court and later Kiambu court.

By Bernard Munyao

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