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 AL Shabaab Blows Up Military Truck

At least three Kenyan Soldiers sustained injuries after suspected Alshabab militants blew up their vehicle using an Improvised explosive device (IED) along the Bothai lamu road.

a soldier keeps vigil at an explosion site (file Photo)

The soldiers who were part of the team involved in an operation to flush out the militants following the recent kidnapping of an Italian social worker when the officers bumped on the explosive.

Lamu East police commander SSP Gilbert Mugambi confirmed that two suspected al Shabaab militants were later arrested while planting an IED the same road after security agencies swung into action after the incident.

He said the duo were nabbed  near Bothai in Lamu County after Kenya defense forces got hold of the two while they were setting an IED device on Bothai -Lamu road.

Mugambi said the suspects were caught in the act with the IED waiting for the return of a military convoy that was pursing the missing Italian believed to have been taken hostage by the militants

witnesses said the KDF land cruiser was burnt as heavy gun fire rent the air in Bothai during the morning incident but Mugamvbi confirmed that no soldier was injured during the shoot out.

He said the suspects were being interrogated although independent sources revealed that the injured soldiers were airlifted to Nairobi for specialized treatment.

By Mohamed Dahir


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