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Allocate more funds to fight non-communicable diseases, Government urged

National and county governments have been urged to allocate more funding to fight and treat non-communicable diseases in the country.
Head of clinical services at the Pan Africa Heart Foundation Dr. Peter Omollo said if measures to curtail non-communicable diseases in the country were not taken within a period of five years the diseases will soon be a national disaster.
Omollo while speaking during a free diabetes and hypertension screening camp organised by Broadways Company in Murang’a town on Saturday, said currently non-communicable diseases contribute to 29 percent of deaths in the country.
He said hypertension is responsible for 20 percent of deaths while about six percent of deaths are caused by diabetes.
Omollo underscored the need for more funds to educate and facilitate continuous screening of people on the life time diseases.
He said many affected people by non-communicable diseases are struggling to get treatment as drugs and management of the diseases are quite expensive.
“Some of non-communicable diseases can be managed but it needs early testing and proper treatment so as to manage them,” added the doctor.
Change in lifestyles he said is also contributing to high prevalence of the diseases noting that some people never go for screening for diabetes and hypertension.
“It’s very rare to see people going for testing for non-communicable diseases and this puts one’s life at danger especially when affected by the diseases and fails to get treatment,” he noted.
Nairobi and central regions he said have many cases of diabetes and hypertension noting that exposure to various chemicals is also contributing to contracting the diseases.
Omollo divulged that funding of the medical sector in the country is usually donor based saying the government need to employ concerted efforts to improve health standards especially at the grassroots.
“Funds channeled to treat and fight non-communicable diseases are very low hence the need to lobby for more resources to curtail the diseases before the situation worsens,” said Omollo.
During the event, more than 700 people were screened and those affected treated.
Broadways Company Sales Manager George Mathege said his organisation has been conducting medical camps to help fight non-communicable diseases.
Mathage said in they have been visiting different counties educating people how to eat healthy foods.
By Bernard Munyao

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