Archbishop seeks justice at an arbitration committee


Leadership wrangles at the African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA) might be far from over after one of the archbishops coronated to lead the Church early last year went to seek justice at an arbitration committee.


Archbishop Julius Njoroge said since negotiations between two factions of the church failed to yield fruits, he had to seek justice through other legal means.


He said the arbitration committee seemed better placed to handle the conflict and to decide who between him and Archbishop Fredrick Wang’ombe should lead the church.


He told his followers at AIPCA Gakaraga in Kandara Sub County Thursday that he was upbeat that the committee will settle on him.


The archbishop said the church had suffered untold consequences due to the unending wrangles which he said caused disharmony that  had hampered its operations.


He said both he and Wang’ombe had reported and submitted documents to the registrar of societies and were waiting for the outcome of their decisions.


He was however coy on whether he would support Wang’ombe if the committee settles on him to lead the church.


The two had been consecrated as archbishops following the retirement of archbishop Amos Kabutu two years ago.


Kabutu stepped down following a High Court ruling and handed over the mantle to Wang’ombe.


Some church members however conducted elections and elected Njoroge as their bishop amid criticism from other members.


“Everyone has a right to seek justice. Since negotiations between the two factions have born no fruit, I have decided to go the arbitration committee to seek justice. Wang’ombe has his right too,” he said.


The church has about two million followers and around 2,000 branches across the country.


By Muoki Charles



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