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Assistant chief lauded for assisting stranded form four student

Edwin Njau, the Assistant Chief for Ting’ang’a sub-location in Kiambu County after paying a courtesy call on Kiambu sub-county Deputy County Commissioner, Kiarie Njuguna on Friday November 16, 2018 who appreciated him for helping ferry a girl who was stranded at home on Monday following the crackdown on defective motor vehicles. Photo by Lydia Shiroya/KNA.

Stakeholders in education in Kiambu County on  Friday  lauded the assistant chief for Ting’ang’a sub-location in Kiambu County, Edwin Njau for rushing to ferry a form 4 student who was stranded and risked missing her national examination.

The assistant chief who had arrived at the examination center at Holy Ghost Mission school in Ting’ang’a learnt of the form girl’s predicament from a colleague who said that she had been stranded at her home in Jamaica location of Githunguri sub-county.

It  was then that the administrator upon consultation jumped onto his motor bike and rode to the home of the girl where she had been stranded following the strike by public service vehicles that hit most parts of the country that day.

The Kiambu Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Kiarie Njuguna congratulated the assistant chief saying he acted swiftly to save the candidate from missing her Mathematics and Chemistry papers.

The DCC while addressing the teachers and other education stakeholders outside his office later when they reported to collect the examination papers said his junior was a real team player who used his intelligence at the right time.

“He exhibited his patriotism by thinking out of the box in the wee hours of the morning to help an innocent girl who was stranded,” noted Njuguna.

He said the assistant chief had participated fully in the examinations by even helping in counting the students prior to the examinations and that this had helped identify the missing student who is a day scholar.

“After Njau got wind of what was going to befall the student who is a day scholar, he asked other students where her home was and quickly got someone who volunteered to escort and show him her home.

Upon arrival, they found the girl who was identified as Ann Waringa who was stranded and they quickly rode to the school where she arrived 15 minutes late but was allowed to write the examination and given 15 more minutes after others had completed.

Njuguna noted that had the officer failed to maintain his motor bike, he would not have used it at that particular time when its service was required to secure the future of a young Kenyan who was stranded at her home.

He challenged other administrators to be on high alert so that they could save other students or citizens in need of prompt service.

The  Kiambu Director of Education, Abdul Kadir Hussein also lauded the assistant chief for his wise decision and heart to volunteer to ride to a location he did not know.

Husein also congratulated the entire team managing the examinations, saying they were committed to ensuring that the students received the best attention and did not encounter anything that could distract them at this crucial hour in their lives.

The  Kiambu Municipality Chief, George Kibugi also showered his colleague with praise saying all team players should use their resources whether personal or official to assist in ensuring that the national examinations were not disrupted.

The assistant chief told KNA after meeting Kiambu DCC outside his office that he had been treated to a heavy lunch. He said he appreciated the treat adding “I did not know my action has spread to the higher echelons of power”.

He added that he had been given the motor bike in 2016 amongst other administrators with an aim of facilitating them to be mobile while they worked in their areas of jurisdiction.

“This machine has come in handy and I really thank the government for giving it to me to serve my people who require close monitoring all the time. People in the villages need service all the time and it is important when we are facilitated to serve them,” he added.

By  Lydia  Shiroya

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