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Bees attack worshippers in church

A peaceful Sunday church service turned chaotic in Kwale County when a swarm of bees invaded the morning service sending worshipers on their heels to evade the stinging insects.

The  8 am service at St. Michael ACK Church in Kwale town, was thrown into disarray as worshipers scampered for safety after the bees which had pitched tent at a section of the church went buzzing moments after the session began.

The service had to be delayed for an hour as the worshippers battled the troublesome insects which had developed a honey comb near the pulpit.


The bees which are said to have invaded the church on Saturday had formed a comb on one side of the pulpit.


“The bees had clustered on one of the church’s box loud-speaker system which had to be tactfully taken outside. Luckily the bees were not hostile hence nobody was stung,” a worshipper Geoffrey Mwalunju, said.


The desperate worshippers resorted to using smoke to chase the bees out of God’s sanctuary but a few stubborn ones still lingered around until the end of service.


However, some of the worshippers made fun out of the tricky situation with one of them jokingly saying the bees had seemingly decided to come to church to either sing or buzz in reverent homage for the almighty.


By James Muchai


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