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Birik Warns Brokers, rogue government officials against aiding aliens

North Eastern regional commissioner Mohamed Birik has warned rogue government officials working in collaboration with brokers to aid aliens and contraband goods enter the country illegally that stern action will be taken against them.

Speaking to the press in his office today, Birik said that the government was aware that these few elements were frustrating government’s effort to end illegal entry of aliens and contraband goods in the region

“I am issuing a stern warning to these government officials that stern disciplinary action will be taken against them including dismissal and being arraigned in a court of law. This time round we are serious about it and heads will roll,” Birik said.

“These are the people who are dragging us behind and giving the government workers a bad name. It is time we all be responsible and patriotic,” he added.

Birik said the growing number of aliens from neighbouring Somalia trying to enter into the county illegally is a concern that his office is committed to eradicating.

For the past two weeks, police have managed to arrest at least 40 aliens at various security checks mainly on buses destined for Nairobi.

Most of them have been arraigned in court and ordered repatriated back to their country. This has not stopped them from trying to re-enter the country.

Several leaders among them Mandera Governor Ali Roba and Dadaab MP Mohamed Dahiye have persistently been calling for the re-opening of border entry points with Somalia to allow for free trade.

Roba said the only way to curb entry of contraband goods is by re-opening designated border entry points and posting relevant government departments to inspect goods and services.

Roba said this will also bring in the much needed revenue and avoid sub-standard goods entering into the country.


On his part Dahiye said the closure of the border had impacted negatively on the economic growth of the region.


By Jacob Songok





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