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Bodabodas protest over poor road.

Tens of bodaboda operators from Kangare area, Kigumo Sub County held peaceful demonstrations protesting over the poor state of the Kangare and Bara Inya road.

They dug holes and planted banana stems along sections of the 20 kilometer stretch, which they said had become non-motorable since the start of rains.

They said their motorcycles slide in the mud during rainy seasons causing accidents on the hilly road.

Some who had fresh injuries in their hands and heads from the accidents said they cannot afford treatment as the sector pays poorly.

Ngureini Bodaboda Association Chairman John Ng’ang’a said some operators have since been forced to quit the business to save their motorcycles from wear and tear.

Bodabodas are the main mode of transport in the area, and residents fear boarding them as they may fall and get injured.

John Mwangi, one of the operators nursing head wounds from a recent accident says he was ferrying an expectant woman to hospital when their motorcycle slide and fell.

Bodaboda operators who ply the Kangare and Bara Inya road dig holes and plant banana stems along the road protesting over its poor state during this rainy season.

The woman, he says has been hospitalized.

Other operators claim that they are forced to pay hospital bills for accident victims which sometimes may be unaffordable.

“When we cause an accident, we are forced to clear hospital fees for the passengers. If the bill is Sh100, 000, where does a bodaboda rider get that amount to clear such a bill from? Others are forced to quit the business,” said Peter Njoroge, another operator.

Residents too complained that they spent hours to reach their destinations as the motorcyclists hike fares especially during rainy season.

Mary Muthoni, a resident claimed that access to basic services like hospitals and markets has become a challenge.

The riders vowed to disrupt transport along the route until their grievances are heard.

They called on the area MP and the County government to intervene and have the road graded, and if possible tarmacked.

By Muoki Charles

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