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Bondo MP tells Siaya politicians to stop engaging in early campaigns

Politicians in Siaya County have been told to stop engaging in premature political campaigns and instead focus on serving the electorate.

According to Bondo MP Dr. Gideon Ochanda, local leaders have been engaging in 2022 campaigns relentlessly at the expense of development.

Ochanda observed that a section of leaders in the county were busy trying to come up with line ups that will take over the county leadership come 2022.

The legislator asked the leaders to respect President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga who have warned their lieutenants against engaging in early campaigns.

“These leaders go to funeral and other public functions and only talk about who will be the governor or deputy governor of Siaya County. It is too early to talk about such things right now. What we want is to work for our people,” said Ochanda.

“The call by the president and Raila to shun 2022 politics does not apply to national politics only but also down here,” he added.

Ochanda said that with the planned referendum, it is difficult to tell which positions will exist come 2022 and politicians engaging in early campaigns and political alignments may suffer rude shock.

“Who knows? the referendum may even see some counties merged. Like here we may have one governor for all the four Luo Nyanza counties. It is too early to engage in such politics not knowing what tomorrow holds,” Ochanda said

The MP who was speaking in Bondo urged youths to avoid making politics a do or die game adding that they should stop fighting amongst each other for the sake of a few selfish leaders.

He told off leaders who are pushing him to declare his interest in Siaya gubernatorial seat come 2022, saying that they should spare him strength to serve the people of Bondo until such a time he will be convinced that he has satisfactorily delivered.

He  stated that he is not the kind of leader who would hold on to a political seat until death saying that when he will feel that he has nothing else to offer he shall hand over the mantle to the youth.

The legislator was responding to West Yimbo MCA Willis Ochieng who asked the people of Siaya to pray for Ochanda as he prepares to take over Siaya County political leadership.

The MCA told the public that Ochanda was fit to be the governor based on his development record in Bondo constituency.

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