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Caution against meat infected with Anthrax

Igembe Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) James Kosgei has cautioned area residents  against consuming uninspected meat during this festive season.

Mr.  Kosgei issued the warning following the death of   four people in Nyambene   after consuming uninspected meat suspected to be   infected with the deadly disease Anthrax.

“During this festive season a lot of slaughtering takes place both in designated abattoirs and in homesteads but both should seek the services of relevant veterinary offices before consuming the meat else we may be faced with serious issues since anthrax is a deadly disease,” said the DCC.

Speaking during Jamhuri day celebrations held at St Paul’s Primary School in Igembe South Sub- County, Kosgei further issued  a strong warning against brokers  found around land registry and civil registry exhorting money from members of the public  seeking services from the two offices.

Members of the public leave St Paul’s Primary School grounds in Igembe South Sub- County after Wednesday’s Jamhuri Day celebrations.
Photo Caption: Photo by Franklin Mwenda

“My office has already engaged apparatus to arrest and bring into book those who are depriving members of the public rights to access government services freely.

All heads of the departments and their offices should ensure that wananchi receive services freely and effectively as per their service charter,” stressed the administrator.

He however cautioned members of the public against giving bribes to brokers for them to receive services.

The DCC further disclosed that his office is committed to eradicating the upcoming illegal betting machines and illicit brew in Maua town and its environs.

He lamented that of late there are a few individuals who are operating illegal betting machines and selling illicit liquor in their premises and stated that his office will fight these illegal acts and bring the culprits to book because they are not only ruining moral standards of the children but also encouraging criminal activities because if one loses money in the betting he will be tempted to engage in theft.

The DCC further condemned the few incidents of retrogressive cultural practices especially  Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) within the area saying that those engaging in such illegal acts of circumcising their girls will face full wrath of the law.

He cited an example of a woman from Makiri in Maua town who is already in Maua Police custody awaiting to be arraigned in court for forcing her 15 year old daughter to undergo FGM.


By Kamanja Maeria

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