Child Welfare Group Gets a Thumbs UP

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Residents of Kiambu county have lauded various institutions charged with the welfare of the family  especially those entrusted with the care and protection of children for meeting the expectation of the local community.

James Kiania Kinunga told KNA during an interview at the Kiambu information office that said some institutions should be commended for a job well done to motivate the officials for their humanitarian gesture.

He singled out the Child welfare society of Kenya for their exemplary performance in the field citing a case in which his grandson was rescued after losing all other family members and was desperate for a helping hand.

Kinunga who later came for the poor lad thanked the institution for having taken good care of his grandson who was still grieving the loss of his father

“My grandson was very happy when I went to visit him where he was staying and appeared to be very comfortable” said the grandfather as he received the toddler from officers from child welfare society officers.

“We in our family and Kanunga villagers had no idea that there was an institution like this one when we sought help during the funeral of my son. It was until such a time when we were in need that this organization came on board and took away this boy for safe custody and he is now healed and in high spirits today”

Kinunga who is a farmer in Kanunga location of Kiambu County said the government was doing a lot while in cushioning families from pain inflicted by disasters either natural or deliberate.

He therefore advised that such institutions should further devolve and open up offices if possible in the villages where those who were distressed could rush to and get help at any one time. While recalling how his son died, Mr.Kinunga regretted that it was not easy for him lieing dead on a seat as if he was asleep.

“It was traumatic to me and the people who arrived at the scene first and this must have also been difficult for the children.

He said his son had been stabbed by his wife who called him and reported that he had committed suicide. The murder case before his daughter-in-law is pending before Kiambu high court and the grandson was the first prosecution witness to testify as he was in the house when the incident happened, he said.

He also cautioned couples who were always engaged in violence that it was not healthy. “My son was always complaining to me and his mother that one day he would suffer in the hands of his wife, and that it happened on the fateful day and he is no more now to take care of his children”

He was re-united with the boy so that they can celebrate Christmas together and bond as a family. He further noted that he was willing to take care of him as his presence reassured him when he remembered his son who died in cold blood.


Child Welfare Society of Kenya (CWSK) is a State Corporation for the care, protection, welfare and adoption of children vide Legal Notice No. 58 of 23/05/2014. It is the National Adoption Society for Kenya and the National Emergency Response, Welfare and Rescue Organization for children. The government agency was established and gazetted in 1955 as an approved society gazette notice 1768 of 27/12/1955

President Uhuru Kenyatta is the Society’s Patron. CWSK has a statutory responsibility to provide services to all marginalized children across all social sectors in line with Section 56 of the constitution whose programmes are tailored to meet the affirmative action necessary for the children to access welfare services.

These programmes include emergency preparedness, rapid response, and rescue of separated children, Advocacy, HIV/AIDS, Child adoption, Foster care for orphans and other vulnerable children. It also cushions them from Child labour rescues those on the Street and places them in charitable children institutions.

By Lydia Shiroya

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