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Chinmaya donates wheelchairs, clutches to Voi PLWDs

Chinmaya Mission has donated a dozen wheelchairs and clutches to persons living with disabilities from Voi sub-county in Taita-Taveta as part of a global initiative to assist the disadvantaged in rural communities.

Speaking at a hotel in Voi town on Wednesday during a meeting with PLWDs, Swami Swaaroopananda, the global head of Chinmaya Mission said people had a role to improve the lives of the less fortunate in our society.

He pointed out that Chinmaya was committed to spreading help and assistance to such people as part of the group’s objective to love humanity as a whole.

“This is a small gesture for our brothers and sisters to help them move around and to make them know they are not alone,” he said.

Eleven wheelchairs and three pairs of clutches were donated to needy beneficiaries.

Ms. Margaret Mkacharo, the chair for PLWDs in the county, expressed her gratitude to Chinmaya stating the donation would uplift the lives of her members. She pointed out that majority of them could not engage in productive activities because they had no means to move around.

“We are grateful for these equipment to help us move and fend for ourselves. We now ask the county to consider us for employment to help reduce burdens in our families,” she said.

Chinmaya is a Hindu religious and spiritual organization that spreads the message on humanity in the context of Hindu scriptures.  The mission, whose headquarter is in Mumbai, India has 300 centers worldwide and engages in humanitarian mission worldwide with special focus rural development programs.

Currently, Swami Swaroopananda is both a global and spiritual head of the mission who travels to give talks on humanity and spread the mission’s outreach programs to other countries.

By Patric Mwashashu


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