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Civilian Anticorruption committee raises red flag on projects

Trans Nzoia County Anticorruption Civilian Oversight Committee has raised a red flag on the outpatient facility at Kiminini health centre whose structure  they claim is substandard and has stalled.

While conducting a social audit at the facility yesterday, the committee raised concerns over the incomplete structure yet records show that money for the project has been paid out in full.

Speaking to KNA after the social audit, the chairman of Trans Nzoia Anticorruption Civilian Oversight Committee Bishop Raymond Mutambo said that the land was set aside for establishment of a health centre but only staff houses for health workers have been completed and converted into an outpatient unit.

He noted that the structure which is meant for an outpatient facility is small in size and its construction was not done according to expected standards.

Bishop Mutambo said that residents from the area complained that other facilities across Kiminini which were started at the same time with the one at Kiminini health centre are complete and functional.

“For now residents of Muthangari village where this health facility is located are forced to seek medical services in other areas yet monies for the project has been claimed,” he said.

The chairman said after receiving the submissions from residents in the area, the committee will compile a report and forward to Governor Patrick Khaemba and the National Anticorruption Commission for further action.

He said the audit follows complaints from residents over sub -standard work from the contractor. The contactor though invited to the forum failed to turn up.

“We don’t rely on rumours, and even those who have given us information about this facility are supposed to provide correct information lest they be liable for prosecution,” he pointed out.

“We only conduct social audits after we have received complaints from residents on public facilities,” he added.

Bishop Mutambo explained that the committee which was formed in 2016 is tasked with conducting social audits of projects funded by both national and county governments.

He said the aim of conducting social audits is to get the views from residents on projects started by both levels of government on the proper use of public funds.

Mutambo said the social audit of Kiminini health centre is the third one to be conducted in the county. The committee has conducted social audits of Mitoto Secondary school and Koikoi secondary school.

According to the chairman, social audits will be carried out in 9 more institutions within the county following complaints from the public.

He urged residents to support the committee in its work asking members of the public to have confidence in their work adding that they will not yield to intimidation from interested parties.

“We have witnessed corruption and looting of public funds in public projects and we have been criticised for ineffectiveness in fighting the vice with accusations that we have been bribed which is not the case,” he noted.

Kiminini Ward Administrator who was present during the audit said that Dennis Nyukuri advised residents in the area to actively participate in development forums as a way of owning the projects.

“We are going to meet with relevant departments to ensure that there is clear communication to community members concerning development projects,” he added.

By Pauline Ikanda


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