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Commissioner Warns Extortion Gangs

Central Regional Commissioner, Mr. Wilson Njenga has put on notice criminal gangs that have slowly infiltrated the area saying the government will not shy away from using all its powers to weed them out.

He said the gang had infiltrated several sectors of the region’s economy and has been forcibly demanding money from investors before they could be allowed to establish their start-ups and threatening those who fail to comply.

Njenga cited the construction, matatu and sand harvesting sectors which he said had been hijacked by the gangsters who demand to be paid a certain amount of money before allowing sector players to start their investments.

He said most of the gang members were young boys, and warned that the police were on high alert to weed them out.

The RC called on chiefs and their assistants whose areas of jurisdiction had been infiltrated by the gangs to identify them and report them to the police so that they can be dealt with according to the law.

He called on members of the public to work closely with security agencies by reporting members of these gangs so that they can be flushed out of the region.

“This menace is in Murang’a, Kirinyaga and Nyandarua Counties. We know their hideouts and the sectors that they have infiltrated and we are sure that we shall flush them out. We shall not allow a few individuals to chase away potential investors in our region. This area, especially Kenol is growing fast and such gangs cannot be allowed in,” he said.

The RC at the same time noted that the gangsters was recruiting young boys, fresh from circumcision and introducing them into their doctrines.

He said those who resist complying are tortured and sometimes killed, warning that such actions will not be entertained.

He told parents to take charge of fresh initiates and ensure their care givers are responsible people and keep them off the gangs.

“No one shall be spared. Parents take charge of your children because we do not want excuses once your child is found to be part of a gang. Keep them off these people who want to recruit them to join the gangs,” he advised.

The gang had taken control of several parts of the region some years back before the government flushed them out.

“I was an administrator here then and we got rid of them. This time, we are much stronger,” he said.

He was speaking during a security meeting at Kabati central primary school in Kandara Sub-County where he met residents.

The incident comes in the wake of reports that the outlawed Mungiki Sect members were slowly regrouping to form extortion cartels in the transport sector.

By Muoki Charles


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