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Conservancy Launches a campaign to help construct a dormitory 

The Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Laikipia County has appealed to well-wishers to come forward and help build dormitories at Mwituria secondary school, to restore enrolment and attendance rates that have been declining.

The project dubbed “Educate the future Conservationists of Kenya” will be completed at a cost of Sh 5, 160, 164.45 million and already Sh 1, 907,922 have been raised.

Dangerous encounters with animals along the road to Mwituria discourage students from reaching school, ultimately lowering attendance and enrolment.

“Investing in the neighbouring communities of Ol Pejeta is important to us and key to a healthy conservation relationship;” a press release sent today to KNA Nanyuki, by the Conservancy’s communication Manager, Elodie Sampere has stated.

She said that the current situation in Mwituria has led to an increase in human/wildlife conflict, and decreased school enrolment rates, thus leading to negative community attitude to wild animals and conservation.

Sampere has noted education is important to Ol Pejeta because if the children are supported to board in school, they will understand and share the significance of the conservancy’s work now and in future.

“Help us to build dormitories for Mwituria high school to educate and safeguard 400 children, who will grow up to be ambassadors for our work in conservation,” Sampere has appealed.

Children in the communities surrounding Ol Pejeta conservancy, have up to 12 kilometres to walk each way between home and school, and often encounter elephants, lions and leopards on the road.

The Communication manager has noted apart from the dangers posed by wildlife to students while on way to school, girls in particular are dropping out of school at alarming rates due to added concern of being approached by men while on the way which often results in underage pregnancies.

She pointed out that dormitories would reduce the walk to just a few steps, hence increase the current school enrolment from 95 to 400, and give a ground on which to prosper girls who are at a risk of dropping out, before completion of their education.

The Ol Pejeta located in Laikipia Central Sub County, is a nonprofit wildlife conservancy in Kenya supporting endangered species, tourism and community outreaches.

Sampere has said that those who want to assist in this cause can send their donation through MPESA pay bill 8913000, account GG36832.

By Margaret Kirera

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