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County to Reap big from Tourism

Migori County could be the next tourist destination in the western part of Kenya if plans by the county government were anything to go by.

Speaking to journalists at his office Friday, Migori County Director Trade and Tourism Daudi Obado said County Government would allocate millions of shillings to improve infrastructure in all tourist attraction sites in the county.

Obado said his department has an ambitious plan to popularise all tourist destinations including the little known Nyumba ya Mungu caves in Muhuru Bay, Chinato crying stones in Kuria West and Legio Maria Holy Got- Calvary Shrines in Suna West.

He revealed that refurbishment and infrastructure development at Thimlich Ohinga World Heritage site is on course.

He said the Kenya National Museum has teamed up with Migori County Government to improve the internationally recognised site.

Director Obado listed his department plan for the next financial year, to include taking inventory of all the tourism sites in the county, building of a tourism resort in Muhuru Bay in the next five years and improvement of roads leading to the sites of all the mapped sites.

He said that Migori County is a gateway to famous and world known tourist attraction destinations such as Serengeti and Maasai Mara national parks, a situation he said should be well exploited by Migori.

“Our attraction sites should be their first stopovers as they transit to Masai Mara and Serengeti National Parks,” Obado said.

He said a forum for marketing tourism sites in western Kenya is also working with Migori County to ensure the little known tourist attraction sites got national and international attention.

Two months ago, Migori County Government together with the locals of Muhuru Bay launched a program to clean beaches of Lake Victoria in Migori County. Residents teamed up and cleaned Senye Beach as a starting point.

Leaders who addressed the beach cleaning exercise said clean and safe beaches would attract more tourists to Migori County.


By Geoffrey Satia and Vincent Ogolla

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