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County to truck water to residents affected by oil spill at Kiboko

The Makueni County Government will truck water to residents and schools at Kiboko market following an oil spill that is believed to have contaminated the water sources in the area.

Water and Environment County ExecutiveCommittee Member (CEC) Bob Kisyula said the trucking of water will start as from Tuesday this week until the problem is solved.

However, Kisyula said the water trucking will be done jointly with the Kenya Pipeline Corporation with other stakeholders in Makindu Sub-county.

“We have a problem of getting clean water, we went to the Kiboko primary School and found that they have started to buy water. As a government we know people need water and we will do this to alleviate the problem residents face in this area,” Kisyula said on Monday at Kiboko where they met with other stakeholders including NEMA and Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA) among others.

At the same time, he said as stakeholders they will be holding meetings every Wednesday and will take samples of water from six places to test to establish the extent of the oil spill in the area.

“Samples will be taken from Kwa Mutiso, SGR, Kiboko springs and near the bridge to test and establish the suitability of the water,” he said.

The CEC said that their intention of drilling bore holes was not tenable as the water would be affected hence they shelved the idea.

On his part, the WARMA Regional Officer Mr. John Kinyanjui asked the residents to report to his organisation if they spot any oil or ring on water immediately.

However, he said that the state of the water will be known by Wednesday when they will give their report besides County government and water users association.

By Patrick Nyakundi

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