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County warms up for exploitation of copper mines

Embu County is warming up for exploitation of its copper and other mineral deposits that were discovered a few years ago in Mbeere region.


A delegation of Chinese investors toured the Mbeere region  in readiness for a partnership with the Embu County Government in commercial mining of the minerals.


The delegation led by the Economic and Commercial Counsellor in the Kenyan Chinese Embassy Dr. Guo Ce said mining of the copper and other minerals in the region may start next year if satisfied that the deposits are large enough to support large scale mining.


“Chinese investors are interested in partnerships in agriculture and mining with Embu County after receiving information that the county is endowed in those areas. When they are established, we will set up copper mining and refining industries in the county,” Ce observed.


The Governor Mr. Martin Wambora while receiving the delegation said apart from copper ores, experts have established that the Mbeere region was also rich in graphite, gemstones, mica, iron and emeralds.


“Experts from the Ministry of Mining had mapped an area measuring 5km2 where drilling is going on to establish the quantities available while the trade department was involved in seeking partners,” noted Wambora.


He added that his government had embarked on establishing strategies for exploiting the minerals for the benefit of the county.


Peterson Njeru, a mineral prospector, said the initial studies had revealed that the mineral formations in Mbeere region had large copper deposits that can even be mined for 100 years.


“The copper is there only that it had never been mined before. It is spread within a vast area and thus we are confident it is available in large quantities,” said Njeru.


Copper is a good conductor of heat and electricity and is mostly used in electrical equipment such as wiring and motors.


By Kimani Tirus

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