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Crackdown on Chuka Top Cop killers Intensifies

Tension remained high at Ugweri village in Embu County where contingent security personnel were deployed to comb through the area for criminals who reportedly killed a chief and a senior police officer under a bizarre twist of events.


Pockets of villagers who remained after majority of residents fled were visibly talking in groupings moments after officers from the General Service Unit [GSU] were last Thursday dropped in town for a major security mop up.


A spot check by the KNA revealed that most villages and trading centres were deserted by the time the officers started making their patrols after most residents reportedly fled their homes for fear of reprisals for the killings.


Officer Commanding Station [OCS] Chuka police station Chuka Joseph Kinyua Ngure was hacked with an axe while trying to probe  last weeks’ killing of Kamaindi location chief  Jafeth Mikingu.




Meanwhile, while addressing the press in Embu town, Eastern Regional Commissioner Isaiah Nakoru said that investigations into the murder of the administrators were ongoing adding that police were following crucial leads that would lead to arrest of more killers.


“So far, the security team has arrested seven suspects; five connected with killing of the chief while two are connected to the killing of the OCS,” Nakoru observed.


He said the security team would not rest until the culprits were brought to book and urged the local residents to cooperate with security agencies in bringing the culprits to book.


The RC has said this rampant attack of administrators should come to an end citing last year’s killing of a chief in Marsabit County.


On her part, Eastern Regional police Commander Eunice Kihiko said that National Police Service would not allow some criminal elements to spread lawlessness in any part of Kenya.


Kihiko said the criminal act against the chief and the OCS is very unfortunate and unacceptable.


“Any criminal attack on an officer of the State is a direct affront to the State and it will be met with the full force of the law,” noted Kihiko.


According to the regional police boss, OCS Chuka Joseph Kinyua Ngure was leading police in pursuit of Dave Ikaaba who was a ring leader of a gang which had killed Jafeth Mikingu, the chief of Kamaindi location on April 30.


The suspect who operates butchery at Ugweri area was traced and identified in Ugweri shopping centre where on noticing the police, he grabbed an axe and raised an alarm against the officers and some local people joined him and attacked the officers.


In response, the police opened fire resulting into fatal injury and later death of the suspect.


The OCS sustained fatal injuries and succumbed to the injuries on the way to hospital. The residents also attacked a member of public who was directing the police officers to the house of the suspect and is currently hospitalised in Embu in serious condition.


Kihiko said the police were in pursuit of other suspects who were involved in these heinous acts. “We will pursue you and we will get you and you will face the law,” she added.


By Kimani Tirus



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