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DPP Enlists Religious Leaders in War on Graft

 Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji, has challenged the religious leaders to help fight the runaway graft in the country by dissuading faithful from abetting or practicing the vice.


He asked church leaders to reject contributions whose sources were suspect arguing that

Corruption was a major stumbling block in the growth of the country and the realization of the   big four agenda.


The Office of Director of Public Prosecution (ODPP) has therefore partnered with religious leaders to address this vice that has been dragging the country back.


Noordin Haji, Director of Public Prosecution Wednesday called upon the religious leaders and other government agencies to work hand in hand to help bring this vice to a halt.


Speaking during  a meeting  with  religious leaders in Nairobi,  Haji said that religious leaders have  a key role to play as far as moral up bringing is concerned as they shape the Kenyan citizen to become individuals who are morally upright and ethical.


Haji encouraged the leaders to always feel free to criticize any suspicious act of the DPP so as to ensure that there is transparency and accountability in the office.


“Criticism is helpful, it is not bad to criticize the office, it does not mean that we are enemies but it means that we are concerned about each other to uphold accountability,” he said


DDP further said that they are keen on dealing with politicians who are engaged in graft and they have involved IEBC in their plan of nabbing the corrupt politicians.


“The mechanism for vetting politicians who want to assume office in the coming general election needs to be coordinated among several government agencies so as to prevent   corrupt politicians in assuming leadership post,” he said


Haji gave assurance that his office is collaborating with other government agencies as there is no division as earlier communicated in the media.


He asserted that the ODPP will take a stern action on traffic police who are found abusing their authority as they have formed partnership with Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI) to come up with Traffic rules guidelines to ensure law is followed.


Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) CEO, Twalib Mbarak said that they have recovered 4.5 billion worth of assets that were taken by corrupt individuals and this shows a significant step taken to address this vice.



Speaking on behalf of Religious leaders, the Archbishop of Anglican Church Jackson Ole Sapit said, “The clergy will give full support to other alternatives to prosecution that may help solve corruption cases faster.”


Ole Sapit further noted that the clergy pledge full backing to fighting corruption to ensure that the next generation is devoid of corruption.


The religious leaders, government agencies and ODPP deliberated on other mechanism that can be used to address cases of corruption other than prosecution. The strategies include Plea Bargain and Diversion of policy for speedy disposal of cases.


By Peter Ochol  and Dourice Abuto


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