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“Dusk to Dawn Curfew” in Tana after Terror Attack

The government has curtailed night activities in Tana Delta Sub County following the abduction of 23-year old Italian woman Sylvia Romano in November last year.


Although the government has not officially declared a curfew in the area following the incident that occurred in Chakama Village of Kilifi County, residents and travelers are only being allowed to carry out their activities during the day.


No one is allowed to pass the road blocks at entry and transit points along the Mombasa-Garissa and Minjilla-Lamu roads after 7.00 pm as the government continues with its search for the Italian lady.


Tana Delta Deputy County Commissioner Charles Akwanalo said Thursday that nocturnal activities would remain restricted as long as the foreigner remains in the hands of her abductors.


He consequently asked the residents to volunteer information that would lead to the rescue of the woman and the arrest of her abductors, who are believed to have come from the sub county, for them (residents) to regain their freedom of movement at night.


He said no vehicles along the Mombasa-Garissa and Minjila-Lamu roads would be allowed to enter or leave the sub county by 7.00 pm, while night movements of canoes and other vessels used to cross river Tana would remain banned till further notice.

A recent attack by the outlawed group Al shabaab


Also restricted from night activities are pastoralists moving with their animals in search of water, a move aimed at enabling officers carrying out a multi-agency security operation in the area to monitor the movements of the suspected abductors.


“You all know we have a problem that emanated from Chakama in Kilifi County because it is believed that our own people were behind the abduction of that Italian lady,” he said adding, “I urge you to volunteer information to police officers because I know they will not reveal your identity,” he said.


He was speaking at the Garsen playground during the finals of the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) football tournament.


Garsen Member of the National Assembly Ali Wario Guyo alias Ali Hashaka urged the abductors to voluntarily release the Italian woman, saying those who will surrender would be given a government amnesty.


He also called on locals to provide information that would lead to the rescue of the woman, whose abduction has given the Tana River County and Intelligence Committee sleepless nights for close to two months.


“It is believed that our own youths participated in the abduction in Chakama and our name has been soiled,” he said and added: “If the abductees need money, let them come to me and I will give them but they should release the foreigner.”


The MP also castigated the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) over the recent killing of an elderly pastoralist at the Galana Conservancy, saying action should be taken against the officer or officers involved in the incident.


He said he had raised the matter with the KWS Director General and hoped action would be taken against the culprits.


“I have talked to the KWS Director General and he has assured me that action will be taken on the officers involved,” he said.


By Emmanuel Masha

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