EACC   meets community based organizations and civil societies in Bungoma.

Bungoma Counties

The   Ethics and Anti –Corruption Commission (EACC) will do everything possible to halt misuse of public funds in National and County Government offices.

EACC Western Region Deputy Manager Mr.  Chibole Aurah said Kenyans too have a big role to play in the fight against corruption and need to work hand in hand with organised groups to win the war and stamp out cartels in the Society.

He said 50 percent of Kenyans seem to have taken corruption as a way of life as they do not question when they see their fellow countrymen flourishing yet cannot match their wealth to their income.

He spoke to the Media on Wednesday at Mabanga Agricultural Training Centre during the closure of a four day workshop for representatives of various community based organisations and civil societies in Bungoma County

Mr. Aurah stressed  the  need  for  civil societies to remain vigilant and hold all persons  holding public office  to account to stop them from  misuse of their  powers and  privileges ,

He said that EACC is an independent body that is keen to ensure proper usage of public funds in order for the country to attain President Uhuru Kenyatta’s dream of the Big Four Agenda.

According  to  Aurah  the commission has put in motion plans to work in partnership with the Ministry of Education  to introduce Integrity lessons into the curriculum   in order to inculcate the culture of honesty in students from an early age for a future leadership  that will be morally upright.

Bungoma Civil Societies Network chair, Mr. Ben Kasisi urged the courts to expedite corruption cases brought before them speedily.

He however stated that the successful expedition of corruption cases lies heavily on the shoulders of the Director of Public Prosecution,  Nordin Haji and The Director Of Criminal Investigations, George Kinoti  who ought to do their bit by ensuring that they present sufficient evidence in court for prosecutions to take place.

By Achola Mathews  and Roseland Lumwamu

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