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Exposed scandals pose threat to achievement of government’s four agenda

The Kiharu MP, Ndindi Nyoro speaking at Gatara ACK church on Sunday May 27, 2018. Photo by Bernard Munyao/KNA.

Scandals being unearthed in various government agencies have been termed a major threat to the achievement of the big four agenda championed by Jubilee administration.

The Kiharu legislator, Ndindi Nyoro on Sunday said if the scandals will not be tamed and culprits convicted, the government will face uphill task in implementing the development agenda.

Nyoro speaking at Gatara ACK church in his constituency observed that some greedy individuals were embezzling a large amounts of funds meant for development leaving very little for financing projects.

Fight on corruption, he added, needs proper legislation to ensure those found guilty of misappropriating public funds get life imprisonment or death penalty.

He noted key projects have been stalled after greedy civil servants in collusion with unscrupulous business people defraud the government.

“In all these scandals, the pain will largely be felt by taxpayers after they lack government services as few steal money meant to provide services,” added the youthful legislator.

Majority of those implicated in the corruption deals, Nyoro argued use part of the loot to have their names cleared by investigating bodies and the Judiciary.

He said if the judiciary will set free culprits, he will not hesitate to mobilize youth to confiscate stolen property from the key suspects.

“We will not sit down and watch people running away with money and property stolen from the government, I will mobilize youth to confiscate the looted resources,” he added.

Nyoro challenged relevant institutions entrusted to fight graft to do thorough investigation to have culprits convicted and imprisoned.

“Those linked to National Youth Service and National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) scandals need to be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted,” added the MP.

In the past, Nyoro noted Kenyans have been taken for a ride on corruption scandals, saying many of graft cases were never concluded.

“This time we want to see people sentenced and the stolen property returned,” he remarked.

By  Bernard  Munyao

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