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Fall Army Worms Wreck Havoc in Trans Nzoia

At least 2,000 acres under maize plantation in Trans Nzoia county has already been infested by Fall army worms since onset of th long rains began


Trans Nzoia county CEC in charge of Agriculture Mary Nzomo told the press in Kitale that the county government planned to protect at least 105,000 hectares against the invasive worms.


Nzomo advised farmers to carry out weekly scouting of their farms to detect the worms in good time to avoid damages to their crop.


“I am advising farmers whose farms are already affected to spray early in the morning or late in the evening when the larvae are active and not hiding in the funnel,” she said.


She added, “Direct the spray to the plant whorls  or funnel and top leaves and also use insecticides approved by the Pest Control and Poisons Board such as Orthene, Afacypermethrin, Voliumtargo, Match, Profen, and Ranger.”


For those who are yet to plant, the agriculture officer asked them to go for early maturing crops and further adopt crop diversification by planting other early maturing crops like beans, irish potatoes and drought tolerant crops like cassava, sorghum, finger millet among others

She said certified potato seed are available at Agrico EA adding the county government has Rudolph variety (red skin) seed size 2 (45-60mm) at the stores in Kitale town going at Sh 50 per kg.


According to Nzomo, climate change is real and all efforts must be directed towards mitigation measures.


Trans Nzoia county has been known as maize basket and farmers for a long time have been planting in mid March. This year however, most farmers planted end of April following prolonged drought.

By Pauline Ikanda


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