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Financial crisis in schools 

Delay by the government in disbursing money for free secondary education has led to financial crisis to many schools in Embu County.


According to several principals who requested for anonymity, the situation was dire and their operations were almost getting to a standstill over lack of finances.


The financial crisis is due to the school heads failing to submit National Education Management Information System (NEMIS) information to the Education ministry on time.

Embu Deputy Governor David Kariuki and Kenya National Union of Teachers Embu branch executive secretary Josphat Kathumi said from their respective offices that all schools had been affected by the delay in disbursing the funds.

“Over 40 schools have been affected by the Nemis issue and are in serious financial constraints,” Kariuki said.

Kariuki added that the schools are stretched to the limit with very little money for carrying out operations after enrolling more learners due to 100 percent transition.

“I have spoken with several principals who expressed fear that unless the money is disbursed immediately, operations would be totally paralysed,” he said.

On his part, Kathumi said delay in disbursing money will affect school operations and with end result being poor performance, which is then blamed on the teachers.

“The support staff such as cooks and guards has gone for months without pay which has demoralised them. Consequently they are unable to support the teaching staff and the students,” noted Kathumi.

Kathumi called on the government to release money for the coming terms during the school holidays to enable proper management of the institutions.


By Kimani Tirus

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