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Five Primary School Girls Drop out of School Due to Teenage Pregnancy

Five girls from Olokuseroi Primary School in Nkarretta ward, Narok North Sub County have been forced to drop out of school after succumbing to the teenage pregnancy menace.
The school head teacher George Ngadi said three of the minors are class eight pupils while two others are in class six and are aged between 13 and 16 years old.
“Two girls are three months pregnant, two six months while one is five months pregnant meaning three of them became pregnant during the November – December long holidays,” said Ngadi.
Ngadi who was speaking at the Narok Children Office Monday, lamented that the trend had gone higher as in 2017 his school reported only two cases of early pregnancy.
He said the teachers became concerned about the whereabouts of the girls when they realised they were not active in class work and games as they were in the previous days and called a medic who did pregnant test on the girls.
“The girls were active and bright in school, but unfortunately their academics will be interrupted by the premature pregnancy,” he lamented.
Narok North Children Officer Pilot Khaemba said they are working with the police to arrest the men behind the heinous acts.
“Three of the girls have given the names of the men who impregnated them while two others are not sure of the men responsible for their pregnancy,” he said.
Khaemba lamented on the increasing teenage pregnancy saying the effort of his office in collaboration with Education department to sensitise young girls on the dangers of engaging in premature sex were futile as the trend was still high.
He called on women to speak sex matters openly with their teenage girls and explain to them the importance of abstaining from sex at their young age.
In 2017, Narok County was named the first in teenage pregnancy in the country after recording 46 percent.
Narok Deputy Governor Evelyn Aruasa vowed to take stern action against those perpetrating teenage pregnancies saying the county was losing a whole generation as hundreds of girls were forced to drop out of school due to early marriage.
Aruasa promised to lead the fight against teenage pregnancy and asked the area Governor Samuel Tunai and Members of the County Assembly to help her in her effort to save the girls.
The deputy Governor specifically took issue on Suswa Secondary School where 18 form one girls had fallen pregnant in their first term in secondary school.
She asked the education stakeholders to assist the girls get back to school after delivering to continue with their education.
“Less than 20 percent of girls who enroll in class one make it to class eight mainly because of early pregnancies. The judiciary should take stern action on the culprits,” she said.
Earlier on , Narok County Commissioner George Natembeya had sounded a strong warning on chiefs who condone men impregnating teenage girls saying they risk losing their jobs and being arrested.
“Chiefs should be in the forefront of identifying the culprits and reporting them to the police, those who collaborate with the criminals will automatically lose their jobs,” he warned.
By Ann Salaton

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