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Flash floods displace 30 families in leafy suburb of Thika

Over 30 families in the leafy suburb of Ngoingwa estate in the outskirts of Thika town are counting losses after being displaced by flash floods Friday night when their posh houses were submerged in water.

The affluent residents have been forced to move out of their prestigious homes after water from gushing floods burst into their compounds and waded into their well furnished homes carrying along snakes and other dangerous insects.

Ms Esther Mburu, one of the affected residents said many families had to move their children and perishables into a neighbours’ residences overnight after floods descended on their dwellings.

She said that most of the families around Ngoingwa 7th Avenue kept vigil the whole night as they attempted to sweep out torrents of water that had waded into their houses.

“The heavy rainfall that has continued to pound the country for the last few days have left our homes marooned and inaccessible, we are experiencing massive difficulties, we are afraid our children might catch water borne diseases, Pneumonia or even Malaria” she lamented.

She said that water levels have risen to dangerous levels in their houses and they are afraid worse damage may happen if electrical wires get submerged in the water.

The residents blamed poor drainage for the calamity and called on the County Government to come to their rescue.

“We are appealing to the County Government and the Area MP Engineer Patrick Wainaina to send us expatriates who can address this drainage problem once and for all” said Mwangi Karanja another affected resident.

Karanja pointed out that they were totally marooned and most of the children from the affected families did not go to school and parents did not go to work as attempts to move out of the submerged houses were being made.
By Lucy Wangai

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