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German National Causes Drama in Court Again

A 76-year-old German national accused of illegal possession of a firearm and 68 rounds of ammunition in a Kwale Court, was on Tuesday slapped with a fresh charge of insulting a female State Counsel by calling her a prostitute.

Gerald Lambertus Ramaker who was in court for the hearing of his case on Monday burst into a fit of anger directed at the prosecutor Ms. Millicent Kigira whom he shouted at in the Swahil language calling her ‘malaya” (prostitute).

The heavily-built foreigner stunned the Court when he went on the rampage on two occasions during his appearance before two different magistrates this week.

On Tuesday, he was at it again this time round choosing to use another expletive before Senior Resident Magistrate Ms. Betty Koech.

He had been brought to court from police cells to answer to a charge of offensive conduct when he once again went ballistic like the previous day during his appearance for the hearing of the firearms case.

He angrily told the magistrate that he did not understand Monday’s “bullshit” forcing her to express her objection to his foul language.

“What are you saying?  Does it look like we are bullshitting here! This is a public gathering and you should respect that,” she said.

Hearing of the case was postponed to Thursday to allow the court to avail a German interpreter after the accused claimed he does not know English.

Ramaker also presented an apology letter which was written by his African counterpart Christine Kaane but the court did not immediately respond to it.

He is charged that on February 7, 2016 at Mangro Park 3 Neptune at Diani Beach area, Kwale Count, he was found in illegal possession of a pistol without a firearm certificate.

The prosecutor was leading proceedings in the case when Ramaker suddenly started shouting and insulting her in the presence of Senior Resident Magistrate Patrick Wambugu.

Ramaker who has been out on a cash bail of Sh100, 000 faced up to the prosecutor as his lawyer addressed the court hence paralysing the proceedings.

Ms. Kigira sought the protection of the court which ordered for his arrest. Police had a hard time containing him as he started shouting at the officers calling them bullies as they handcuffed and took him to the court cell.

“You Kenyan police are bullies. You have arrested me for nothing. There is no democracy in Kenya,” he shouted from inside the cell.

He caused more drama at the Matuga police station where he refused to be locked up in the cells saying it was too hot inside.


By Shaban Omar and James Muchai

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