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Government intensifies security surveillance at the grass root

The Government has intensified security patrols and intelligence gathering at the grass root level in attempt to ensure that youths in the villages do not fall into the trap of radicalization, Gatundu North Deputy County Commissioner Buxton Mayabi has said.

Speaking Thursday at Kamwangi during a public baraza where two assistant chiefs were installed, Mayabi said the government is investigating allegations that some miraa dealers are in the business of radicalizing youth in the villages in the pretext that they are selling the commodity.

“Miraa business has penetrated the village market and allegations that some people are using the miraa stalls to sell criminal mentality will be thoroughly investigated and culprits dealt with accordingly,” he said.

Milka Wahu Njogu being installed as Assistant Chief Kamwangi sub-location on Thursday January 24, 2019.

He called on parents and guardians to be actively involved in their adolescent children’s day to day activities, adding that parents whose adolescent children have been missing without trace should report to the police to facilitate tracking.

Mayabi pointed out that the Nyumba Kumi initiative has also been enhanced in the area, adding that chiefs and their assistants have been charged with the responsibilities of ensuring that they know and closely follow the activities of everyone operating within their areas of jurisdiction, adding that members of the public should also embrace and share any information with them.

The deputy county commissioner said that the Government was committed to ensuring that administrative and security services are brought close to the people so that members of the public can participate in the security activities and self-governance.

“The perpetrators of the Riverside terror attack were young men residing in rural towns of   Gachie, Nyeri and Isiolo meaning that terror attacks are no longer a reserve of the major towns and we should therefore be our neighbor’s keepers and ensure we report any
suspicious activity and movement to the local security apparatus,” he explained.

He commended members of the public who have been relaying confidential information to his office especially on brewing and consumption of illicit liquor saying that out of intelligence information given to them, they have been able to wipe out the vice in some very notorious dens.

“We have carried joint operations with security apparatus of Thika West and Gatanga Sub-Counties and have been able to disable brewing dens along the Chania River and we are not stopping any time soon. We will continue with the crackdowns until we ensure that changaa and illicit liquor is not found within our areas of operation,” he stressed.

The deputy county commissioner who was accompanied by National Government departmental heads and security bosses challenged government workers to ensure that they render quality services to the citizens devoid of favor and corruption.

Hellen Wangui Ngoni (48) was installed as the Assistant Chief Gathaite Sub-location while 35 year old Milka Wahu Njogu was installed as Kamwangi Sub-location Assistant Chief.

By Lucy Wangai

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