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Government Officers told to harmonize projects

The  Nairobi  County and National Government officers have been called upon to embrace the multi agency approach when running government programmes and projects to increase efficiency and avoid misuse of resources.

The  Nairobi Regional Commissioner (RC), Wilson Njega said the Executive Order no. 1 of 2019 issued by President Uhuru Kenyatta requires all government ministries, agencies and departments to work in harmony, noting that there is only one government, of which all government officers must subscribe to.

He  said the focus of the government is to create synergy and discourage departments and agencies from viewing themselves as autonomous, noting the approach will allow sharing of resources since they are not personal but public.

Speaking on Thursday during a departmental heads meeting at Nyayo House Office, Njega noted that the coordination of cross cutting policies and programmes is vital as it will speed up delivery of services to Kenyans, ensure better utilisation of resources, reduce wastage, as well as curb fraud.

“We must fight corruption and use everything in our custody for the intended purpose, as well report corrupt cases,” he added.

Regarding the Big Four Agenda, the RC told all departments and, agencies to come up with an inventory of projects they plan to undertake.

He told all the Deputy County Commissioners to reactivate sub country environmental committees to protect the environment in their areas of jurisdiction, as well enforce the educational policy that will ensure the 100 percent transition of primary to secondary schools.

Njega also directed the Sub county security committees to come up with an action plan to counter violent extremism, besides providing security at trading centers to facilitate a 24 hour economy.

The RC said the launch of the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS) this month to provide detailed information on individuals and organisations that will be used for service delivery.

By  Bernadette  Khaduli

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