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Governor urges residents to be more enterprising

Isiolo Governor Dr. Mohamed Kuti has urged area residents to moot wealth creation enterprises to boost productivity and stop banking on formal employment.

Governor Kuti in particular asked women, the youth and persons with disability to venture into entrepreneurship so as to reduce poverty levels among them and boost the county’s economy.

He urged them to acquire skills to run small and medium enterprises to generate wealth and create employment.

“When armed with such knowledge and skills, you can get loans from various financial institutions which can help to initiate or boost businesses,” the governor said.

Dr. Kuti urged women, youths and persons with disability to take advantage of the affirmative action the government gave them to take up to 30 per cent of tenders awarded in all sectors as a way to uplift their livelihood.

The governor said that following the affirmative action, sh.21 million has been earmarked to benefit women, youths and persons living with disability so that they utilize the funds to finance various contracts to be awarded.

He was speaking during a women empowerment training organized by development partners in the county.

The Governor urged all individuals to think about setting up and running their own businesses because there are few employment opportunities in both public and private sectors.

In Kenya, SMEs create 80 per cent of employment, stimulating demand for goods and services.

By David Nduro

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