Grabbed public land to be reversed back

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All  government parcels of land illegally acquired by private developers in Kilifi County will be reversed back to the government and be put into its intended use.

Launching the first County Development Implementation Coordination Committee (CDICC) meeting at the County Commissioner’s Boardroom  on Wednesday, area County Commissioner (CC), Magu  Mutindika told the National Land Commission to begin processes to have the land belonging to the police, Kilifi North Deputy County Commissioner in Kilifi town and other illegally allocated areas repossessed immediately.

He said the repossession of grabbed government land should be done in all the Sub Counties, divisions and institutions to avoid the unnecessary delays of funds for their development.

“We have been experiencing cases of funds meant for the construction of offices being returned to the treasury owing to the lack of land because some plots meant for the purpose ended in the hands of land grabbers,” he said.

Mutindika  who stressed that CDICC meeting are compulsory for all national government and parastatal heads in the County, called for the proper utilization of government resources by using the multi agency approach when going out to offer services to the public.

“We do not need 10 government vehicles to take 10 officers when moving to offer services to the public in the field whereas only 3 or 4 vehicles can be enough”, he said.

He called for the removal of all government vehicles parked haphazardly for years in open garages in the towns saying they should either be repaired or bonded.

By  Harrison  Yeri

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