Health crisis loom as floods sink 30 toilets

Tana River

Health experts in Tana River County are scratching their heads over an impending health crisis after floods sunk more than 30 pit latrines in various parts of the county.
Tana River County Executive Committee for Health and Sanitation Mwanajuma Hiribae says the floods have heightened fears of an outbreak of water-borne diseases as faecal matter from the latrines is now flowing with flood water.
However, Hiribae told journalists in her office Thursday that her department was readying itself for any eventuality and called on residents to remain calm.
β€œIt is not possible to stop the flow of waste matter from the sunk pit latrines, but we are prepared for any disease outbreak that may arise,” she said.
The county executive said a number of health facilities in the county had been flooded while at least ten others were not reachable after being marooned by floods. This, she said, had made it difficult for patients to access them by road.
β€œI am calling upon the national government and other agencies to provide airlift services for health workers to reach patients in hard-to-reach areas,” she said.
Hiribae urged flood victims to use aqua tabs to treat water before using it to prevent chances of contracting water-borne diseases.
At the same time, the county executive said her department together with non-governmental organizations had started distributing mosquito nets to flood victims living in camps to prevent any possible malaria outbreak.
By Emmanuel Masha

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