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Homa Bay traders warned to stop selling their wares along the roads

Traders operating along Bank road in Homa Bay town have been warned to stop selling their merchandize besides the roads and get back to their stalls at Jamawego grounds.

More  than 600 traders from Homa Bay town main market were relocated to allow the ongoing construction of a modern market at a cost of Shs. 117.9 million from the World Bank in partnership with the county government of Homa Bay.

The  Homa Bay County Giant Traders Association Chairman, Geoffrey  Onduso  said that the traders who have resorted to selling their products alongside  the road have subjected their lives to a lot of risks.

Onduso  added that the same traders who are now selling their products alongthe roadside were scrambling during the distribution of stalls to the new places where the traders were relocated but it’s unfortunate that after getting the stalls they have abandoned them for unknown reason.

The  Chairman said this on Monday during stakeholders meeting where he stressed that the traders will be forcefully removed from where they are selling  their goods adding that they will work together with the sub county officers to ensure that all traders operating alongside the road are vacated to avert any accident that might arise.

At  the same time, Onduso  said that wrangles has emerged between traders operating along the roadside and their counterparts operating with the market over customers with the traders operating in the market accusing their colleagues for blocking customers from accessing the market.

He  also argued that bank road is now congested by traders operating alongside the roads subjecting their lives to danger saying should any vehicle lost control then many traders can lose their life hence they should prevent that from happening.

By  Ann  Onyango/Davis Langat

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