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Human rights’leaders wants two senior prison officers arrested

HAKI Africa human rights group has called on the government to arrest two senior prison officers who assaulted a junior officer in Malindi GK Prison two weeks ago.
Speaking to the press at MalindiTawfiq Hospital premises town over the weekend after visiting Constable Peter Ndirangu, the director of HAKI Africa,Mr. Hussein Khalid said it was sad to see junior officers in prison being assaulted by their bosses.
Constable Ndirangu was said to have differed with his two senior officers, who after confrontation was hit with a butt of a gun and later pushed down and run over by a Police land cruiser which had come at the prison over the incident.
He sustained severe injuries on the head, legs, waist, his back and the spinal cord, and he is nursing his injuries at the Malindi Tawfiq Hospital after being referred at the facility for special medication.
“Am still in shock over this incident which happened two weeks ago, no matter the level of differences you have with someone such mistreatment is unacceptable,” cautioned Khalid.
Mr. Khalid claimed that some of the warden senior officers use their positions to assault their junior officers and later get away without any action taken against them.
Already the two senior officers who assaulted constable Ndirangu are reported to have been transferred to Shimo la Tewa GK Prison, Mombasa from Malindi GK Prison.
Khalid further said that transfers of the senior officers is not enough to ensure justice is served to constable Ndirangu, and argued the government should arrest the officers so that they could be prosecuted for assault.
However, Duncan Chai, a doctor at the Malindi Tawfiq Hospital who attended to the injuries of constable Ndirangu for the last one week, said he is out of danger and is stable enough to make some few movements.
Doctor Chai said Ndirangu had sustained four fractured ribs and some soft tissue bruises which are now healing.
By Simon Guruba

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