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Ignore Supreme Court ruling 

National assembly majority leader Aden Duale has asked Muslims to ignore the Supreme Court ruling on Hijab in schools saying their rights have been taken care of in the constitution.

Speaking in Garissa Saturday, Duale took issue with the Supreme Court Judges whom he said did not take into consideration the right to worship as provided for in the constitution.

The Garissa Town MP said Muslims will ignore the ruling and have their children wear the outfit in schools as per the teachings of the Holy book, because no one has the right to interfere with it.


“Who are apex Judges to order on Hijabs? They should be aware that they are creation of the constitution that has also given every Kenyan right to worship,” Duale said.


“We the Muslims will continue to have our children in school with hijabs,” he added.


The legislator said Kenyans of all faith have the right to practice what their religious ascribes to and Muslims are not exceptional. He noted that Muslims must abide by the teaching of their religion.


Duale said the Supreme Court should only concentrate on matters of election disputes but not religion which he noted are emotive.


The Supreme Court on Thursday overturned a Court of Appeal ruling allowing three Muslim students to wear Hijab in school.


The students were suspended in 2014 by St Paul’s Kiwanjani Secondary School in Isiolo for wearing the head covering worn by Muslim women.


The ruling has elicited sharp reaction among Muslims faithful saying the ruling was unfair since its requirement for women to cover their heads in Islamic faith.


Meanwhile, the national assembly majority leader has said that parliament will fully support the Bill being drafted by office of the Attorney General, preventing state officers from doing business with the government.


Duale said the national assembly is fully behind president’s Uhuru’s campaign to fight graft in the country.


By Jacob Songok



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