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Importance of Planting Certified Seeds

Farmers in the county have been advised to plant certified seeds to capitalize on traceability, which is an important ingredient for those who want to access the lucrative export market.
Chairman of Premier Seeds Simon Gachagua said food safety and traceability was now an important consideration in agriculture, and consumers could only be sure of their groceries if they know their origin. He was speaking Tuesday during an interview with KNA at his office.
He said certified seeds were key to food traceability because the production of the seed was carefully controlled under a quality assurance system right from the beginning to the end.
He said the drastic climate change was also making it mandatory for farmers to only plant certified seeds because the traditional ones might not withstand the harsh climate conditions being experienced all over the world.
He added that certified seeds were a starting point of proper crop management, reduction of pests, drought and pesticide tolerance. “In some cases, certified seed ensures that farmers get a better deal on crop insurance premiums because they know that it’s a crop with reduced risk,’’ he added.
He appealed to farmers to consider insuring their crops instead of investing so much in land preparation, buying seeds and weeding and end up with no harvest.
Gachagua assured farmers that his company would continue providing them with quality seeds, especially in the production of vegetables, which are in high demand due to lifestyle changes.
He also urged farmers to consider broadening their farming horizons by incorporating herbs which were now fetching good profits for the farmers who have grown them in Bahati area of Nakuru.
By Veronica Bosibori

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