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Kajiado residents Embrace Government online Services

Kajiado residents have embraced E-Government services as Kajiado West Huduma Centre records high number of services discharged to the members of the public via the online platform.
According to Kajiado West Huduma Centre Acting Manager Francis Sila, 2, 300 residents from different parts of Kajiado County were served during the first quarter of 2018/2019.
Sila noted that the figure indicated an increased demand for E-Government services that many people have found convenient and efficient.
“The increased number of citizens seeking online Government services clearly demonstrates the need to shift from traditional mode of service delivery to digital platforms,” reiterated the Huduma Centre Manager.
Speaking to Kenya News Agency during a brief interview at Kisamis Huduma Centre Thursday, Sila said an average of 800 members of the public were served on a monthly basis at the Centre.
He also attributed the increased number and the shift from traditional service delivery to efficiency of the many services being discharged under one roof.
Sila noted that the people would prefer to get all the services within one location as opposed to the old system of moving from one office to another.
“Owing to the vastness of Kajiado West Sub County, the residents prefer to pass through Huduma Centre on market days to save on cost and get services they need within one day,” said Sila.
“Mondays and Thursdays are busy days for us since the number of people seeking services tends to be higher as compared to other days of the week,” he added.
Sila noted that more than 50 % of the people who frequented the Huduma Centre were seeking for registration of birth certificates, a service which was still missing at the centre, forcing the public to travel for over 200 kilometers to Kajiado County Headquarters.
He added that the registration of births in Kajiado was still a major issue to many residents which called for speedy provision of the service at the Huduma centre.
“It would be cheaper and faster for the residents seeking registration of births at the Huduma centre than the costly travel to Kajiado Central for birth certificates which they normally do not get in one day,” he said.
In July 2018, Cabinet Secretary for ICT Joe Mucheru announced that the government planned to move all its services onto a digital platform in the next 36 months in a bid to make government services convenient and easily available to citizens.
According to the United Nations Global Survey released on July 2018, E-Government supports transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies.
By Nelly Kosgey

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