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Kajiado residents persuaded to adopt County Finance Bill

Kajiado County residents have been persuaded to adopt the County Finance Bill 2018.
County Finance Committee Chairman and Member of County Assembly for Kaputiei, Joshua Olowuasa said the bill had passed all the requirements and urged the residents to back it up to avoid delays in adopting it into law.
Olowuasa was speaking at a hotel in Ngong town in Kajiado County during a public participation forum Thursday.
Olowuasa said the necessary amendments that need to be revised before its adoption were welcome by the committee since the bill belongs to Kajiado residents.
“As residents of Kajiado be assured that this bill belongs to all of us and if anyone needs any further amendments you are at liberty to write to the committee to challenge any clause that was not clear,” said the County legislator.
He noted that the Finance Committee followed all the due procedures during the drafting of the bill and residents who skip public participation forums should adopt the bill when it is assented to, into law.
The MCA noted that the public participation forums were advertised through all the available communication channels.
“We cannot blame ourselves for poor attendance during the debates on the County Finance bill during public participation forums since most people do not want to sacrifice their time in order to give their input into the bill,” Olowuasa argued.
According to Ibrahim Mbugua, a businessman and a resident of Ngong, the bill contained services that are not provided by the County Government of Kajiado and deemed unfair to the residents if adopted into law.
Mbugua argued that the services which are yet to be provided by the County Government in the future which is unknown should be dropped from the bill.
“The County Government did not have any sewerage system and the fees indicated should not be included in the bill,” he added.
However, the residents failed to critique the bill as they seemed not to understand the terms used and needed more time to familiarize themselves with the draft before it is adopted into law.
By Nelly Kosgey

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