Kiambu County enhances agricultural productivity in Kikuyu

Agriculture Counties Kiambu

Over 5000 farmers in the Nachu area of Kikuyu Sub County have received avocado seedlings, certified maize seeds, and fertiliser from Kiambu County in an effort to enhance agricultural productivity and food security in the region.

Kiambu Governor Kimani Wamatangi said his administration’s goal was to provide inputs to farmers to enable them to increase their yields and subsequently improve their livelihoods.

“Our goal is to provide the available assistance and empower the locals, and this distribution is part of a broader strategy to bolster the agricultural sector and support small-scale farmers in the community,” Wamatangi said during the distribution of seeds in Nachu ward, Kikuyu sub-county.

The Governor also issued educational bursary cheques to beneficiaries and insisted that his administration had also initiated a scholarship programme to improve access to education. “Education is a key pillar in our community development agenda. By supporting our students, we are investing in the future of our county,” he said.

The governor also announced the completion of several important projects in the ward, including the Gathiru and Gatune model Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) centres.

“These centres are expected to provide a conducive learning environment for young children, laying a solid foundation for their educational journey. Additionally, the construction of new ECDE centres at Kanyiha, Ndiguine, and Kanyayo is set to commence soon, further expanding educational infrastructure in the area,” noted Wamatangi.

He said water supply projects have also been a priority, and the Maregeta, Mbombo-ini, and Kanyayo water projects have been undertaken to enhance the commodity’s access.

The Kanyayo Water Project, in particular, he said, is designed to serve the Kanyayo, Kamangu, and Migumo-ini areas, solving long-standing water shortages and improving the quality of life for residents.

By Moses Bahati

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