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Leaders Back War on Graft

Baringo Women Representative Gladwell Cheruiyot has praised President Uhuru Kenyatta for his steadfast resolve in the fight against corruption.

Ms. Cheruiyot said those arrested and arraigned for allegedly stealing funds from state corporations should carry their own crosses and stop dragging names of their respective communities in the hope of getting sympathy.

Speaking  at Moi Kabartonjo primary school, the women representative said the suspects should not seek protection from politicians and their tribes maintaining that there is no individual who has stolen and went home to convene a public baraza to share out the loot.

Ms. Cheruiyot accused those claiming that their tribesmen have been targeted in the current swoop saying individuals are the ones who stole but not communities and therefore such narratives need not be entertained.

“Let the suspected thieves carry their own crosses. They should not invoke the names of their tribes in the hope of getting sympathy. It is individuals who steal but not communities,” she maintained.

She appealed to the clergy to join the fight and help restore morals in the society. “I appeal to the clergy to come in and restore the morals in the country. Some people were looting the country dry and storing the money in mattresses, blankets and holes in their bedrooms while common men continue to suffer as a result of their evil deeds,” Ms. Cheruiyot declared.

The women Rep asked Kenyans and political leaders of goodwill to rally behind the president in the anti-graft war so that the country is cleaned of corruption vices and other negative malpractices.

By Joshua Kibet

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