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Leaders demand public participation

Isiolo Senator Ms. Fatuma Dullo has called on the county government to be more transparent in all its dealings.
While addressing the press in her office Friday, Fatuma asked the residents to be monitoring what their government does for them and ensure there was accountability and equitable distribution of resources.
She added that the government should promote public participation, adding that the county budget and economic discussions conducted in the area were minimal.
“Senior officials selectively invite their close relatives to hotels purportedly for public participation and induce them with money so they can pass whatever they want without opposition,” she said.
Dullo said that the county had left the residents in darkness by blocking them from accessing the county website, so that they could carry out illegal activities behind their backs.
Former Isiolo County Assembly Speaker Mr. Mohamed Tupi urged residents to support the national government’s Universal Health Care (UHC), instead of wasting time championing the ‘Living Goods Ltd, partnership proposal which he added would divert the health focus.
By Abduba Mamo

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