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Lower Arid region of Embu County to have water supply

The Embu County government  is set to commission over Sh 2 billion water projects in the lower dry region of Mbeere in a move that will save residents facing frequent crocodile attacks.

For a start, the county has set aside Sh 58 million in the supplementary budget for phase one of its water project while KenGen Company has pledged to contribute Sh 65 million for the provision of water in Mbeere South.

According to the area Deputy Governor Mr. David Kariuki  the residents from this region have suffered for a long time from crocodile attacks, which have left many dead and others maimed as they fetch water in the crocodile infested seven forks dams.

“Supplying water in this region will cushion the residents from frequent crocodile attacks with the latest case being that of a 40-year-old expectant women who was attacked and killed as she went to fetch water,” Mr. Kariuki noted.

Mr.Kariuki who was addressing the residents at New Site area in Kiambere ward, said the county government will continue with prioritising provision of water in Mbeere region until all the region gets water.

“We shall initially set 10 water point centres for water supply to the residents, so that the residents will no longer be going to get water directly from the crocodile infested dams,” he added.

The deputy governor who was launching a bore hole at New Site area in Kiambere ward said apart from providing piped water, the county government will also spearhead drilling of bore holes in the area.

Speaker of the County Assembly Mr. Josiah Thiriku, who had accompanied the governor urged the national government to chip in and assist in raising the Sh 2 billion to provide water in Mbeere region.

Confirming the previous day’s attack on the expectant woman by a crocodile while fetching water, Mbeere South Sub County Police Commander Ahmed Mohammed  warned the residents to avoid going to fetch water directly from the dams but instead asked them to use the watering points set for drawing water.

“Avoid going to fetch water directly from the dams and swimming there and stick to the set watering points to avoid the frequent crocodile attacks which are rampant in this region,” Mohammed advised.

By Kimani Tirus

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