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Majority leader Defends Assembly over Accusation

Garissa County Assembly majority leader Mohamed Gabow has now come to the defense of the assembly over accusations that it was doing little in its oversight role.


Gabow was for the first time responding to claims by two MCAs that they were drawing salaries without specific roles in the assembly.


In a clip that went viral in the social media last week, Fafi ward MCA Hassan Halane and his Bura counterpart Abdullahi said the electorate were being used as rubber stamps by the Executive which they claimed had literary taken over the county assembly and was calling the shots’.


But addressing the press in Garissa town on Saturday, Gabow while dismissing the claims said that the assembly has remained steadfast and firm in its oversight role.


“As an assembly we have continuously played our roles without fear or favour. Where the executive has done well we support and commend it but where we feel it has faulted we point out and demand that it should be rectified,” he said.


Gabow gave the example of the recent revocation of the recruitment of over 300 health workers by the public service board as one such example that the assembly did not agree with the Executive.


He further said that the Housemade several amendments to the Finance bill and the 2019/2020 budget to reflect the aspirations and the demands of the residents.


Meanwhile, the majority leader lashed out at a section of National assembly members of parliament who have made it a habit of faulting the county of doing little in terms of development and engaging in corrupt practices.


Gabow said the role of the county assembly is to oversight the executive while the role of the national assembly is to do the same for the national government.


He said none of the MPs from the region has come out to comment on major corruption scandals including NYS but were quick to criticize the county government while touring their constituencies.


“Some of the MPS have now become self-proclaimed whistle blowers for Garissa County. I am giving them free advice, please whistle blow for the mega corruption in the national assembly and leave us alone,” he said.


By Jacob Songok

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