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Makueni county government to construct six mega dams by 2025

The  Makueni County Government in partnership with the National government and donors plan to construct six mega dams by the year 2025 to alleviate the perennial water shortage in the county.

Addressing  KNA in his office, Water and Climate Change Executive, Robert  Kisyula said the dams will be constructed in each of the six constituencies to provide water to residents for both irrigationand domesticuse.

Kisyula  said  Thwake multipurpose dam funded by the National Government in collaboration with African Development Bank (AFDB) at a cost of Sh. 64 billion to be constructed at the confluence of rivers Thwake and Athi in Makueni and Kitui counties is among the mega dams.

“Others are Kisusyo and Kilombo dams in Kaiti and Kilome sub counties and we are in the process of identifying the sites for the other three dams,” said the Water and Climate Change Executive.

He  said the construction of Kilombo dam is being funded by World Bank.

Kisyula said the County Government has also started construction of 30 medium sized dams to boost water supply as a short term plan.

The dams include Kamunyulo, Manooni, Katilini, Kwa Mbila, Ndukuma, West Ngosini, Kii Nzou,Kinze, Mulima, Mbasya and Njau.

He  added that the devolved unit was in collaboration with African Sand Dam Foundation, Anglican Development Service Eastern and World Vision setting up 2000 sand dams along the major rivers in the county as part of the county’s ambitious initiative to curb water scarcity.

“The sand dams will be a paradigm shift in our county as matters of water provision are concerned,” he added.

Kisyula  also revealed that the County Government had initiated a campaign to encourage residents to harvest rain water through water tanks and farm ponds.

“We are encouraging families to construct farm ponds with liners to harvest surface run off during the rainy season which can be used for household irrigation agriculture,”he added.

Besides, the officer said the devolved government was also giving out 10,000 litre water tanks to secondary and primary schools and other public instructions including health centres to harvest and store rain water.

By  Immaculate Ndinda/Kennedy Musembi

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